They left  for Quebec

the next morning

Avocado, radish, fried egg

and basil on

multigrain bread

Short rib ravioli, serrano ham, 

pistachios, arugula

and two oils

Vanilla ravioli

with slightly cooked strawberries

and fresh blueberries

It was a perfect day for 

lunch at the beach

cool, crisp, not a cloud in the sky

We chose 

Avenue in Long Branch

it is upscale and over looks the ocean

we knew our Australian family 

would enjoy it

Grilled chicken

BLT Club


Lobster Roll

Lamb Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Plate

A lovely day

My Pal 


Rhonda my 

Australian sister

George Segal

Depression  Bread Line

No mustard please

Great hat

Do not wake me

nice socks

'Déjeuner Déjà Vu'

is inspired by

Edouard Manet’s 'Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe'.

Seward Johnson's

'Were You Invited?' 

is inspired by French Impressionist 

Pierre Auguste Renoir’s

nineteenth-century masterpiece,

'The Luncheon of the Boating Party'.

When we visit

Grounds For Sculpture


Hamilton NJ

we always have lunch



Grounds For Sculpture

in many ways is

Seward Johnson's


We were there

at the request of my 

Australian sister Rhonda

and with luck

Seward Johnson Retrospective

had not closed

it is the largest exhibit of his sculptures to date

the above is

Cull and Pistol

Oyster Bar

Chelsea Market

is an interesting little spot

located next to 

The Lobster Pound

the name is

Cull, a lobster with one claw

Pistol, a lobster with no claws

and they are an oyster bar

Weekdays from 4-6 PM

at the bar

oysters are $1.00

and yes that is where we sat

six hammersly for me

(west coast)


six assorted for my

(east coast)

Australian friend 

when our spouses arrived

we moved to a table

scallop, clam, corn chowder

It was a perfect lunch

with my Australian family

lovely service and food 


good friends

the best

above an

amuse bouche

of pressed watermelon

with tequilla and lime

burrata salad with 

corn and heirloom tomatoes

Chicken Liver Mousse, 

Sunnyside Egg and Blueberries 

the $15.00 wine flight

great pours

Duck Confit, 

Market Beans and Coddled Egg

Skate, Radish, 

Citrus and Brown Butter


Mozzarella and Basil Pizza

Elizabeth Street Garden

Little Italy

Mulberry Street

At the corner of

Spring and Mulberry Streets

A graffiti show

The Candle House

In the late 19th century 

a horse stable and 

carriage house, 


the most famous canvas for 

street art in NYC, 

now home to 

three amazing condominiums

I wonder if the oven 

is still there


This was a long

Foods of NY Tour

but a wonderful tour

with many surprises

The last two stops on the tour

are located

across Houston in NoHo

Rustic and warm

Our last stop

Vineria is a

Restaurant and Wine Bar


is a specialty food market 

with a 



What a great stop

street cart goes bricks and mortar

It is located near

the corner of

Elizabeth and Houston

Hot sauces

Watermelon juice,

corn, Queso blanco, shrimp,

chipotle mayo


hot sauce