The following are 

sculpture interpretations


Seward Johnson

Garden at Sainte-Adresse

Claude Monet

Luncheon of the Boating Party

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Seward Johnson's




Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise

(The Rowers’ Lunch)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Two Sisters

(On The Terrace)

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe

Edouard Manet


Edouard Manet

Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies

Claude Monet


Pierre-Auguste Renoir 

Te Arii Vahine 

(Aka The Kings Wife)

Paul Gauguin

One of the first things

you observe in Seward Johnson's work

is the attention to detail

especially clothing

Next his sense of humor

note the mirror

The book

Marilyn Monroe

on the move

The court case over the

Johnson and Johnson


King Lear

he was frugal 

Johnson made

him of cupronickel 


Note the name of the boat

The newest section

of Grounds For Sculpture

is  the7 acre 

The Meadow 

It officially opened 

October 1, 2011

Unlike, most of GFS

it is not

macured and designed.

The sitting could not be more lovely

The view of



Philip Grausman


It was a beautiful day

we sat on the deck

First we shared

Provençal Mezze

hummus,  eggplant salad, 

piquillo pepper and feta spread, olives, 

artisanal flat bread


Spring Vegetable Risotto  

asparagus, English peas, crème fraiche,

lemon oil


steamed PEI mussels, 

carrots, potato, leek, saffron, white wine,

My friend Madalyn 

and I plus, 

an ever changing group of friends,

have been

having lunch together

almost every month

for over fifteen years

I just recalled

I think we had a Madalyn

birthday lunch

five or ten years ago

but she never revealed her age


you never ask a lady

she is

a very classy lady

She is smart, lovely, well traveled

became a single Mom

before there was a term

and a true joy

She is one of the few people 

who make me smile

But why

Union Square Cafe


I have visited 

Union Square Green Market

in every season

But what caught my attention

last week were the flowers

bees included

Well and 

yes the tomatoes

And yes it is fall


They left  for Quebec

the next morning

Avocado, radish, fried egg

and basil on

multigrain bread

Short rib ravioli, serrano ham, 

pistachios, arugula

and two oils

Vanilla ravioli

with slightly cooked strawberries

and fresh blueberries

It was a perfect day for 

lunch at the beach

cool, crisp, not a cloud in the sky

We chose 

Avenue in Long Branch

it is upscale and over looks the ocean

we knew our Australian family 

would enjoy it

Grilled chicken

BLT Club


Lobster Roll

Lamb Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Plate

A lovely day