It was my Pal's birthday

and she requested lunch

at Avenue

located in Pier Village

Long Branch, NJ

It is a fun upscale

spot overlooking

the beach and the Atlantic

We sat on the deck

We split a salade

Chilled Spanish Octopus Salade

Cannellini Beans, Citrus Fruit, Nicoise Olives, 

Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs

We also split the chicken club

Country Chicken Club

Ciabatta, Grilled Chicken Breast, Rosemary Aioli,

Hard Boiled Eggs, Bacon, Avocado, 

Bibb Lettuce, Tomato

A good day


52-74 East 2nd Street, 

between Second and First Avenues

The history is interesting

Founded in 1831 it was the second 

non-sectarian burial ground in NYC 

open to the public

the first, oddly enough was 

The New York Marble Cemetery

a few blocks away

they are very different

It is a "collection"

of 270 underground vaults

made of 

Tuckahoe marble

most only have markers

but a few have

My elevator ride up

at 14th Street

My, how it has grown

little or no pruning is allowed

Lots of new public art

Wish I could remember the name

but I found a map

Some nice and not

so nice items to be 

recycled inside each container


The  Carpathia docked here with

Titanic survivors and the life boats

This pier was owned by White Star

as was the Titanic

the lifeboats were unloaded

The Carpathia

A few steps from DBGB

at Bowery and Houston

is the

Liz Christy Community Garden

It is located between my

subway stop and DBGB

I enter through the back gate and exit

a few steps from DBGB

Each visit it is a new and different garden

This trip, the apricots were ripening

The Second Avenue

subway stop on the F

just a few steps away

note the encroaching garden

For the last few weeks I have been

trying to have lunch at DBGB

on the edge of the 

Lower East Side, NYC

If you follow this blog you know 

I am a frequent guest

I had read the restaurant week menu

and was intrigued with the 

chilled corn soup

and a new in house made sausage


produces and prepares 

everything in house

I like DBGB 

for a variety of reasons

the ambience, the ever friendly and professional staff

and the execution of the menu is 


Pascal and Sabine,

named after the two main characters

in the French movie

Le Ballon Rouge,

is relatively new restaurant

in Asbury Park.

In 1612 Marie de' Medici, 

the widow of King Henry IV of France, 

began building a new residence, 

the Luxembourg Palace. 

The today  garden is owned 

by the French Senate, 

which meets in the Palace.

A new and controversial addition

the artist, who's name I can not recall,

went to the Sorbonne Art School

The dome is being refurbished

it is a collage of locals

the same images are 

reflected on the floor inside

Oh may!

and one moves

Need candy

An Olive Oil Store

In 1686  Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, 

set up his coffee house 

in the rue des Fossés Saint-Germain 

(present-day rue de l’Ancienne Comédie).

This was a fun,diverse, informative tour

hosted by

Urban Adventures

Secret Paris: Cheese, Art, and Local Life

and more really

I would walk with Arthur


Technically the tour started at the

Place de la Concorde 

under the Obelisk

but we were soon in the 

high rent district

Our first secret garden

We did not stop for a taste

The place is 

reflected in the window

our first tasting

a French macaron



On our way to

Opéra de Paris

Académie Royale de Musique

The Op