Section 3

of The Highline is scheduled to 

open this fall

a few weeks ago I was part

of a members only tour

of the soon to opened section

The river views are lovely

But this section

will be very different

from the original

two sections

Most of the planting will not be landscaped

they will be "natural"

the benches and walkways will be 'temporary"

designed to last 15 years

This is smart

once the massive

Hudson Yard complex is built

there may be little or no sun 

from the east

The plan is to cover the

Rail Yards

and build a

commercial, residential, office complex

with more square footage than 

downtown Seattle

The path and natural plantings

The section 

closest to 30th Street

will be landscaped

It is partly finished

The steps

to the new section

The Coach Build


"For over 25 years, 

Jim Power, 

aka The Mosaic Man, 

has created one of the largest and longest lasting 

public arts projects with his 

Legendary Mosaic Trail.

No surprise 

it is now a condo complex

One of my favorite spots in NYC is

The Astor Center

it is the educational wing of

Astor Wine and Spirits

I have taken a number of 

class there and all

were excellent

My last class

was with

Tess Rose Lambert

this class was held in the kitchen

others had been held in

The Study

Tess with a welcome cocktail a


(Spanish for "dove")

Mexico's most beloved cocktail

We tasted six mezcals

two from Tess's


While on an adventure

in the East Village of NYC

I tend to make a stop at


for lunch or dinner

today was no exception

I usually order one of their

many craft beers on tap

but to my friend Dominick's

suprize I ordered a martini

I had hoped the 

chilled corn soup was still on the menu

but the menu had changed

Desiree suggested the 


cotija cheese, piment d’espelette, celery hearts

a lovely choice



On a recent walk in the

East Village of NYC

I decided to have lunch at



The reviews have been mixed

I understand why

in a good way


is the brainchild of

Michael White

of the Altamarea  Group

He is the co-owner, executive chef

for the

worldwide high end

restaurant group


is named after his daugher

I like the space

elegant but no fr

My father flew this type of 

bomber for 25 or more 

missions over Germany during WW II

He and the entire crew came home

no injuries

A comment from a friend:

"Very impressive Don!  

Your half hour flight was probably 

flown at less than 10,000 feet above sea level.  

Most, if not all of your father’s 

flights were over 20,000 feet; 

unpressurized and unheated.

The other day I scheduled 

a walk/tour of the final section of 

The Highline in NYC

It is still under construction and 

is scheduled to open

this fall

I walked up from

23rd Street to the 34th Street entrance

I was able to view parts of 

Section 3/The Spur 

from street level

Above is the 30th Street entrance

and the massive Coach Building 

under construction

In the background you 

can just make out 

The Highline

This is 

The Hudson Rail Yards

It is scheduled to be covered