Not all of our adventures

with the

Joyce Theater Travel Program

We received an invitation

to the American "Ambassador's" 

residence and a reception celbrating the

Cuban Dance Troupes  

It was a fun event

and through our Joyce Theater


we knew many of the dancers

There were about

a hundred people in


On our trip to Cuba with

The Joyce Theater

I only remember seeing 

this street food vendor

it seems odd to me

and I do regret 

not having time for a taste

Ok, two

and two more

A few members of our 

Joyce Theater 

travel group

in Havana Cuba

with the

Joyce Theater Travel Program

were former dancers


is/was a dancer and 

was invited to

warm up with the group

This was our day three 

after lunch treat on our

Cuban dance adventure

sponsored by 

The Joyce Theater Travel Program

Our group, guide and 

our hosts from

Ebony Dance Ensemble 

the space

warm ups

just lovely


Bob Fossie

great fun





one of the best


we were privileged to 

see in rehearsal  

the view

from the studio

I do not understand 

the above or below

but they are outside the

Centro De Danza

This was a lovely lunch on 

the second floor of a lovely paladar

over looking the bay

This was part of day three of our

tour of Habana and the 

Cuban dance scene

with the 

Joyce Theater Travel Program

a mojito


with every meal

fried yuca

white fish ceviche

shrimp creole

I think lamb


black beans and rice


at every meal

the group

a fried fish something


we prepare to leave

where you'll find 

Hemingway's favorite mojito

Tourists leave their mark

Where Hemingway proclaimed 

the world's best daquiri.

Recently my Pal and I 

went to Habana Cuba.

In the morning of our second day in 

Habana Cuba


The Joyce Theater Travel Program

we visited the rehearsal space 


Ballet Lizt Alfonso Cuba

as part of our

A Look at Dance in Cuba

It is located in Old Habana

It was an interesting walk

perfectly safe

but our first visit to old Habana

Ballet Lizt Alfonso Cuba

is a mix of classic ballet


classic Afro-Spanish Cuban

They all smiled


looked like they were having fun


a true mix of styles

As part of our visit to Habana Cuba


The Joyce Theater Travel Program

we were invited to a reception at

The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba 

From the web site

"The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (LFC) 

is an autonomous, non-governmental and non-profit institution based in Havana 

created to protect and promote contemporary 

Cuban artists and culture, 

develop research works and 

new technologies applied to the artistic fie

The theme of our visit

to Habana Cuba


The Joyce Theater Travel Program


A Look at Dance in Cuba

to this end we attended

two different rehearsals a day

and a classic ballet in the evening

Cuban dance or danzon

has it roots in African and Spanish culture

National Folkloric Company

is steeped

in that tradition