At the top of the steps

exiting the 2nd Avenue 

stop on M line

Not street art

but fun

a retail shop

not a tag

but fun

lots of tags

a long story just sold for

megra money

roladin art

how creative


mix of styles


interesting of styles

fake banksy?

Oh my....

I recently took a walking tour in

East/Spanish Harlem

it was through a 

HipHop tour company

Hush Tours

I have little interest in



they also offer

The Writing's on the Wall Walking Tour of Harlem

a street art tour


Lady "K" Fever

I was very luck to walk with her

her resume of street art 

is amazing

she has been

"getting up"

in amazing places

Graffiti Hall of Fame East Harlem,

This mural is a community treasure

"Commissioned by Hope Community, Inc.

I recently took a walking tour

in East/Spanish Harlem


Hush Tours

they are a

Hip Hop 

themed tour company


Lady "K" Fever

leads two graffiti themed tours

one in

East Harlem one in the Bronx

more later

the above MTA mural installation

is at the 103rd and Lexington

subway station

my tour began here

a good start

Celia Cruz


salsa singer/performer 

One of the most popular 

salsa artists of the 20th century, 

she earned twenty-three

The other day I took a graffiti 

themed walking tour

in Harlem.  

It was great fun and fascinating.

Since I was in the neighborhood

I decided to have lunch at

Marcus Samuelsson‘s 

Red Rooster.

Our friendly

poolside bartender 

also recommended

Casa Juan

for a Cuban dinner

but I think we should 

have asked our

Cuban Tour Guide Oscar

It was good 

but not what we expected

Oscars favorite spot is in

Little Havana

no surprise

above garlic bread

My salad with steak

My pals house salad

Our sampler plate

one shared salad 

would have been enough

even without the sampler plate

but it was all 

very good and fresh

We were Oscars last tour

he dropped us at 

Casa Juan

went s

This was so much fun


of course our 

Cuban Tour Guide


knew everyone

A fun tourist shop

with reasonably priced

Romero Britto art

just had to buy Jiminy


just might need 

Donald also

again more fun

55 and older

Cuban style


On our way to Cuba 

we had a free afternoon and evening

in Miami

the poolside bartender, who else, 

at our hotel 

suggested we take a tour

of Miami she had the concierie arrange it

Oscar a Cuban American

was our guide

it was just the three of us

best tour ever

One of the stops was 

Venetian Pool

a public pool in 

Coral Gables

The pool is in the limestone quarry

where the stones for the 

Coral Gables homes

were quarried

a public pool

across the 


Seven days of dance


The Joyce Theater Program

more dance than I have ever seen

in a season

wonderful meals


a lovely Cuban guide 


amazing bus driver


Joyce Theater


and a fabulous diverse itinerary

plus a 

lovely travel group