I have resisted 

posting these images

almost 28 years ago

my best friend, my pal

and now my wife

and still my best friend

were married in front of 

this flag pole


Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club

Oceanport, NJ

at sunset

on the 

South Shrewsbury River

In a former life

I grew up sailing here

with lifelong friends


I was a Jr.

Part three of the 

Seward Johnson Retrspective

is his

Beyond the Frame Series

Impressionism Revisited

"An homage to the Impressionist painters, 

Beyond the Frame 

works transform 

well-known paintings such as 

Claude Monet’s Garden at Sainte-Addresse and 

Edouard Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe 

into life-sized three-dimensional tableaux.

For me Coney Island was

the best part of the

Slice of Brooklyn:

The Original Pizza Tour

I had never been there


And will the really 

Tillie stand up

Click the links 

to view all three




The Cyclone, 

a wooden roller coaster 

opened on June 26, 1

After viewing numerous

Brooklyn neighborhoods

and landmarks

on our 

Slice of Brooklyn:

The Original Pizza Tour

from our air conditioned bus

we arrived at

L and B Spumoni Gardens

in Bensonhurst

established 1939



It is a classic


almost as famous



No frills here

but they have beer


World Famous L and B

Sicilian pie

Cheese first, sauce second

and finished with either 

bread crumbs and/or P

The other day I took

a bus tour of parts of Brooklyn


A Slice Of Brooklyn:

The Original Pizza Tour

"The ONLY guided bus tours of 

Brooklyn's favorite foods, neighborhoods, 

landmarks and 

famous movie locations!"


We were picked near near

Union Square in Manhattan

and were shortly

in DUMBO Brooklyn

an acronym for

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass


Our first stop


“In 1984, J. Seward Johnson, 

sculptor and philanthropist, 

envisioned a public sculpture garden and 

museum in Hamilton, NJ. 

His desire was to make 

contemporary sculpture accessible and 

offer people from all backgrounds 

the opportunity to become 

comfortable with contemporary art. 

Grounds For Sculpture 

was conceived as a place

where audiences could experience sculpture 

in a familiar, accessible, 

and informal setting.

"Naked Cowboys 

are wild oysters from the 

(Long Island) sound, 

and they have the wild variability 

you might expect. 

They tend to be strongly mineral,

a touch iodine, and beautifully briny.

The other day I was

lucky enought the take a walking tour

with Joyce Gold


It was one of the best tours I have taken

The tour began at


This in one exhibit you should not miss

It is just overwhelming

It is broken into three parts

Celebrating The Familia

Icons Revisited


Outside The Frame

"Seward Johnson: The Retrospective

will span five decades of Johnson’s

exploration into what he refers to as

“The Visceral Moment.”

He describes this as the pivotal moment when

viewers engage with a piece of artwork and

transcend their own place in space and time 

to experience a heightened connection

to their common humanity.

From the website

" Established in 1854

McSorley's can boast of being New York City's

oldest continuously operated saloon.

Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon

have passed thru Mcsorley's swinging doors.

Woody Guthrie inspired the union movement

from a table in the front - guitar in hand,

while civil rights attorney's 

Faith Seidenberg and Karen DeCrow

had to take their case to the 

Supreme Court to gain access.